11 Miter Saw Station Plans You Can Build Easily

A miter saw is an essential workshop tool. It lets you accurately cut angular joints and crosscuts. It’s a heavy tool though, so it helps to have its own table. Your miter saw station may need a bin or drawers and sawdust collectors. They keep your workshop organized and cut down clutter.

Whether your workshop is for business or pleasure, there’s a satisfaction that comes from construction. It’s why many woodworkers build miter saw stations rather than buying one. But where do you start? Let’s look through 11 miter saw station plans you can implement at home.

1. Miter Saw Station – Digital Plans

Miter Saw Station – Digital Plans

If you have a roomy workshop, this 8-foot miter saw station plan will fit your needs. It uses 2 x 4s to create an open, hollow table. This keeps the miter saw station lightweight but doesn’t use too much solid wood. Meaning you can add drawers or storage shelves to customize your table.

Rather than making a long table, you can construct smaller ‘sub-tables’ then link them together. Extra planks at the top offer a stable work-surface without using up more wood. And this entire miter saw station can be constructed using off-cuts that are lying around your woodshop.

While the legs and base structure of this miter station is hollow, a plywood hood adds extra finesse. It has sawdust collectors to catch your wood-waste and a shroud to keep more dust off your face. Install fences on either side of the saw and decking screws to hold the saw in place.

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2. Versatile Saw Stand from Dave Munkittrick

Versatile Saw Stand from Dave Munkittrick

While this saw station stand is usable for miter saws, that’s not its only application. It can hold up to three power tools, including a miter saw, a clamp, a plane, or a sander. It has lockable castors for easy slip-free transport and storage. And it only needs 6 feet by 2 feet of floor space.

The plan is designed to work with MDF rather than solid lumber. The work table uses a torsion box to maintain its structure, and the workbench has drawers and storage shelves. It’s an easy plan to use, combining drawings, wiring guides, and step-by-step assembly photos.

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3. Sliding Compound Miter Saw Stand Plans

Sliding Compound Miter Saw Stand Plans

Foldable countertops are a great way to minimize storage space while providing an extended work surface for your miter saw. This plan allows a ‘double-fold’ so you can tuck away the wings as well as their stoppers. It uses basic pocket screw construction, with casters for portability.

Below the work table, there an open shelf where you can stack wooden blocks you intend to use. A closed bottom bin lets you toss in any wood scraps for re-use or disposable. Finish with a coat of paint or clear varnish for added luster, and always keep your hinged well-oiled.

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4. Convertible Miter Saw Station Plans

Convertible Miter Saw Station Plans

Workstations with wheels offer convenience and mobility. But solid table legs are more sturdy, especially for intricate tasks like power sawing. This Family Handyman plan offers both. The table has two front legs and two rear castors. Its wings are foldable for compact storage.

The miter saw station also has two front handles. They make it easy to tip the table and roll it away. An open storage shelf is tucked under the worktable, do you can store the saw itself or any other woodshop gear. The table is 33 inches wide when closed and 7 feet when its wings spread.

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5. DIY Miter Saw Bench

DIY Miter Saw Bench

This Home Depot miter bench has a one-piece tabletop, unlike the models we’ve looked at before. Instead of using a sunken platform to hold the same, the table raises its side supports, tucking storage cubbies beneath them. The saw station has casters for easy movement.

You can construct the table from MDF or plywood. Because the table has a larger silhouette, it uses 3-inch castors. The sides of the bench are open, with a solid table-top and a solid floor shelf above the wheels. This miter saw station stretches 8 feet across, so it needs lots of storage space.

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6. Turn a Barbecue Cart Into a Miter Saw Stand

Turn a Barbecue Cart Into a Miter Saw Stand

If your old BBQ cart is rusting away in the garage, this is a fun way to get some use out of it. And it’s cheaper than buying one. Just a few tweaks and it’s good to go. A plywood panel on one side gives your meat cart a more wood-shop feel. Remove the cooking grill and replace it with wood.

The layout of the wood includes two wings of the sides and a sunken central panel. The Popular Mechanics miter saw plan is easy to implement. It has clear measurements, right down to bolt size. If you want extra surfaces to work on, you can f ill out the slats with plywood platforms.

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7. Diy Mobile Miter Saw Stand +Giveaway!

Diy Mobile Miter Saw Stand +Giveaway!

You don’t always want your DIY projects to look cobbled together. Sometimes, you want something worthy of Instagram, especially if you made it yourself. Pursuit of Handyness uses a pre-packages workbench kit to give this miter saw station a professional touch.

The kit comes with a plan and connectors but no wood. And rather than using nails and screws, it uses galvanized steel connectors that are both sturdy and visually appealing. The plan is adjustable, so you can reduce or increase the bench to your preferred dimensions.

Ayisha gave her miter saw station a personal touch by adding handles and cans which she spray-painted. She also used laminated wood to strengthen the base of her table before adding castors. It’s a good idea because it’s easy for castors to slip out of the threads on end-grain wood.

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8. Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

This miter saw station has extra storage space and convenient castors. It has a slot to store your vacuum so you can suck off all the sawdust. Its fences have aluminum tracks and its wing supports fold flat for more compact storage. Unfortunately, it’s hard to decipher the plan.

It has no accompanying photos and the drafts are puzzling, so good luck figuring it out. On the upside, the plan is set up to automatically turn on the vacuum when you switch on the saw. The wings are bigger than average, so be sure to use piano hinges for maximum support.

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9. How to Build a Mobile Miter Saw Station

How to Build a Mobile Miter Saw Station

When you need extra-long work surfaces and super short storage space, this is a good plan. Its two foldable wings give you a combines worktop of 93 inches, but it can tuck into a 38-inch space. This miter station seems mire bulky because all its sides are solid wood. Heavier too.

But its design includes four castors, each with a 20inch diameter, so it’s easy to move your saw station around the workshop. It has some aesthetic detail. For example, the triangular ends of the wing supports are sawn off for prettier finish, and the tabletop is sanded extra smooth.

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10. Basic Miter Plan

Basic Miter Plan

Some of the miter saw station plans we’ve looked are at quite fancy. So if you’re at the other end of the spectrum and would prefer a more homely design, Chief’s Shop has the plan for you. This miter station has no castors, and it’s built on a bare-bones frame. You start with a  basic table.

The table has tapered legs. Attach wings to your table, then top it off with a slatted hood to shelter your miter saw. Use recycled wood if you want to give your bench that vintage feel. The plan is deeply detailed and easy to follow. It’s broken down into three simple phases.

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11. How to Build a Miter Saw Table

How to Build a Miter Saw Table

If you want a portable miter saw station but you don’t want wheels, you can just build a tabletop instead. You can build this miter station in minutes and permanent screw your saw onto it. Because it has no legs, you have to place it on a solid surface when you need to work.

Its main disadvantage is weight. Without castors and handles, it can be cumbersome to move it to other work sites. Plus, you can’t just stow it away, so it’s a permanent fixture in your woodshop. It’s a long bench though, so it’s helpful for lengthy cuts of wood. And it’s easy to make.

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Saw it Through!

How do you select the best miter saw station plan? Try these tips:

  • Foldable wings are helpful for tighter storage spaces.
  • Have a separate shelf for useful wood and a bin for waste-wood.
  • Castors are ideal, but ensure they have a wheel-locking mechanism. Otherwise, the station may roll away during use, causing injuries and ruining projects!
  • Adding sawdust collectors to your miter station makes clean-up far easier.
  • Ensure the main table of your miter station has room to swing the bevel and the miter.

What stand are you currently using to support your miter saw? Show us in the comments!

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