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Vinyl Flooring is the new upcoming flooring trend and it is a cost effective way to beautify your home and provide a cosy feeling for your place. Given the reliability and realism of the modern finishes, it serves as a top affordable option for your future homes. Vinyl Flooring Singapore provides the best in class high quality Vinyl Tiles, Planks, Sheets.

Vinyl Flooring is Durable, Looks Beautiful, and It is Easier to Clean and Maintain. It is Cost Efficient and Installation Take No Time At All

About Us

Vinyl Flooring and Contractor in Singapore

Vinyl Flooring Singapore is your trusted flooring supplier for your home and office. We have a wide variety of choices to be able to meet your flooring needs.

The flooring is one of the most important parts of your living space and will enhance the value and comfort of your property.

Why To Choose Vinyl Flooring Singapore?

Vinyl Flooring is made up of a plastic type material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Because of PVC, It allows flooring to be very versatile. Vinyl Flooring looks luxurious, modern, and it is very durable as well. Now, Lets at a look on benefits of choosing Vinyl Flooring 

Budget Friendly


Quick Installation

Installing tiles is very hectic and laborious work. It consumes a lot of money as well. Our Vinyl Flooring is Budget friendly as well as it is very easy to install. Our Vinyl Flooring is considered as one of the best in Singapore. 

Our Vinyl flooring is made up with PVC. It is considered as most durable substance when it comes to flooring solutions. It is scratch resistance, It is easy to maintain. Our Vinyl Flooring is non-water absorbent, Hence it shows no signs of dullness when it comes in contact of water or any other liquid. 

Our Vinyl flooring is quickest to install. With help of adhesive, Our installation engineers will install Vinyl flooring in almost no time. So, If you’re looking for a quick renovation in Singapore, You know whom to contact. 

Anti-slip Assets



Our Vinyl flooring works perfectly well in wet areas as well. It has anti-slip properties. Our designed Vinyl flooring are highly suited for customer’s application so with such user centric qualities, You’ll not have to compromise with looks and wide variety of designs. 

Vinyl Flooring Singapore, Provides you with hospital level anti-bacterial flooring. With Hospital level, High standards of safety, Customers get a wide range of designs to choose from. So, You don’t have to compromise between looks and high safety.

Last but not the least, In-fact it is one of the important aspect, Vinyl flooring Singapore, Provides eco-friendly Vinyl flooring in Singapore. It is one of those things that doesn’t harm the nature and built with recycled material!



Landed Properties

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Our Vinyl Flooring Products

We have a variety of flooring products to accommodate your needs

Bespoke Vinyl Flooring

Customize your vinyl flooring with a mix of vinyl coloured strips

Korea/USA Vinyl Flooring

Korea / USA vinyl flooring boasts durability, a modern design with an updated technology  

The vinyl flooring offers a quick maintenance and installation option, not compromising on the natural look of the vinyl flooring. The vinyl flooring has a waterproof structure and is scratch and stain resistance.

We use Diamond 10® Technology, which is a patented innovation using cultured diamonds.


Outdoor Decking - Wood Composite

If you require outdoor decking, wood plastic composite will be a good option to withstand weather conditions, resistant to warping. 

Natural Look Vinyl

Natural Vinyl Flooring is a preferred option for most home owners because it is made 100% of synthetic materials. 

There are many colour and design options for Vinyl Flooring to create a more natural look simulating natural wooden flooring. 

Benefits Of Getting Flooring From Vinyl Flooring Singapore

1. Wide Variety of Range:
Vinyl Flooring has A Wide Range of Variety and different options to choose from. Vinyl flooring provides you the power to customize flooring according to your need. If you get bored of similar flooring and design easily, Opt for Vinyl flooring. You can change or renovate the flooring according your need very easily. Renovating Room’s flooring with Vinyl flooring is Hustle free. 
2. Maintenance 
If you think Vinyl flooring has only cost benefit then you’re wrong. There are lot many benefits. Maintaining is super easily. Vinyl Flooring are extremely durable and weather proof. It is dust free. You can easily wipe out the dirt and dust particles from the surface. 

3. Increasing House’s Resale Value
Vinyl Flooring looks sleek and premium luxury. The soft tender feel is cherry on top. Once it is installed it improves the value of the house. 


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