Games Austria

The snow-covered Alps, the purest lakes and the most delicious sweets Mozart – Cugel with marzipan-all this and much more is the hallmark of Austria.

Location of Austria and a brief historical background

The Federal state and concurrently the parliamentary Republic is officially called the Republic of Austria. The first mention of it dates back to 996 ad Austria is located in the center of Europe. The history of the country is very closely connected with the Federal German land of Bavaria – only in 1156 the Republic gained independence. At the time, the country was joined by the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary, in addition, very difficult relations with Turkey, France and, of course, Germany. The capital of the country is Vienna. After the end of world war 2, Austria and Germany were divided into 4 zones.

Casino and gambling in Vienna

The first casino license was issued in 1922, and the first gambling establishment was launched in Salzburg. Since then, a lot of water has flowed, but one thing remains unchanged – casinos in Austria are allowed. The largest organization is “casino Austria” JSC, it operates 12 casinos and includes other organizations on the principle of holding.

So the company “casino Austria international” is known far beyond its own country: it has branches in 15 countries and at the moment it operates 57 casinos. In addition, the company has mastered another very profitable sector of the gambling business: casino liners on Board. Their number is rapidly approaching the mark of 100.

This attitude of the state to gambling brings tangible income, estimated at billions of euros.

Online Casino in Austria

Austria does not issue gambling licenses to any private online casino provider. But those who still want to play on the territory of the country will not be left without such an opportunity: the official online casino from Casino Austria Group, which is part of the state monopoly on gambling, will always accept new players. So that official site is a legal and quite worthy replacement for European online casinos.

The advantage of playing on this site is that we play in a state online casino and, on this basis, we can expect treatment at the proper Austrian legal level. With such monopolies, there is always one big drawback: private European (with a European license) online casinos can often afford more favorable conditions to their players when they can not afford monopoly offers themselves. In other words, in a state-run online casino, players should be prepared for less likely chances of winning.

Besten online casinos for Austrians outside the country still exist. Thanks to the European law on the offer of services to other European countries, it is legal for private casino sites to offer gambling throughout the European Union. For example, licenses purchased from the Malta or Gibraltar gambling Association are as legitimate and legal as licenses from Austria. And since such private online casinos are not tied to state lotteries and other winnings, they can offer games on more favorable terms for players.

The most famous casinos in Austria

Bad Gastein – southern suburb of Salzburg

This city is home to one of the most luxurious casinos not only in Austria, but throughout Europe. It is located in the building of the Grand Hotel de l’europe, built in the early XX century. As a rule, the casino starts working at full capacity from 19:00 and everyone should pay attention to the dress code – sports suits and shorts will not be happy here. With you, you need to have any identity document. The main thing-the presence of your photos and the age of 18 years. The entrance ticket costs 23 Euros, you will receive tokens with a nominal value of EUR 25.


In this city casino “Casino Salzburg” is located in the real Palace of Schloss Klessheim, built in the mind-blowing Rococo style, which in itself is a landmark. This place has repeatedly become the scenery for filming. Entrance to the casino is paid, its cost depends on the time and events that are held in the Palace. It can be performances of theatre groups or performers.


The resort town of Felden is also famous for its casino, built in 1950. But since there were more and more people wishing to catch the Fortune by the tail every year, the casino building was decided to expand. The new building, opened in 1989, is able to receive 4,000 visitors and looks no less luxurious. There is a restaurant, bistro, bar, and outdoor Playground – terrace above the magnificent lake. This is by right one of the most popular and modern casinos in Europe.