A Bikeway Advisory Committee (BAC) was established by the Expo Board of Directors in early 2012 to provide input on the bikeway that is being designed and constructed in conjunction with Phase 2 of the Expo Line project. The BAC is comprised of 7 members appointed by elected officials to represent communities and stakeholders along the Expo Phase 2 project alignment.

The BAC provided the reviewing agencies insight into bicycle rider needs as well as suggestions to enhance the bicycle experience. The BAC may also provide input into such design items as landscaping, lighting, access and way finding signage. The BAC will meet at key milestones during the preliminary engineering and design phases of the project.BAC PAGE PHOTO 1 - SB BIKEWAY - LANDSCAPING

  • Aaron Rosenfield
  • Damien Newton
  • Jennifer Klausner
  • Barbara Filet
  • Jim Shanman
  • Shannon Burns
  • Gary Kavanagh

The Phase 2 portion of the bikeway is mostly an exclusive bike path that travels along the right-of-way to 17th Street in Santa Monica, where it will connect to the City of Santa Monica’s existing bikeway system. The bikeway includes lighting and landscaping, and each station will feature secure bike racks and lockers for the convenience of transit patrons.

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