» What is the Expo Line?

The 15.2 mile Expo Line is a new light rail line utilizing the Exposition Corridor, with 19 stations serving popular destinations like USC, Exposition Park, the Mid-City Communities, the Crenshaw District, Culver City, West Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

» Why do we need the Expo Line?

The new Expo Line is leading the way in regional efforts to shorten commutes and increase mobility. It will provide faster, more reliable public transportation and increase the capacity of the transit system in Los Angeles County. The line parallels the I-10 Freeway and provides an alternative to the freeway and major east-west arterials.

» What phase of the project is under construction?

Phase 2 will extend the line out to Santa Monica and construction is scheduled to be completed by 2015. In March 2011, the Exposition Construction Authority awarded the design-build contract for Phase 2 to Skanska-Rados Joint Venture, and major construction began in 2012.

» How many people are expected to ride the Expo Line?

Ridership on Phase 1 is already exceeding expectations with approximately 31,000 daily riders. When the full line opens to Santa Monica, estimated ridership is expected to reach 64,000 daily riders by 2030.

» What is the cost of Phase 2 of the Expo Line and how is it being funded?

The estimated cost is $1.5 billion, which includes costs for design, construction, utility relocation, light rail vehicles and real estate. The majority of funding for Phase 2 comes from Measure R, the half-cent sales tax initiative approved by Los Angeles County voters in November 2008.

» How many new stations are included in Phase 2?

Phase 2 includes 7 new stations along the Westside, with 3 “park and ride” facilities for approximately 580 parking spaces

» Where are the “park-and-ride” lots located?

Station parking will be available at Expo/Sepulveda (260 spaces), Expo/Bundy (250 spaces) and 17th Street/Santa Monica College (70 spaces) stations.

» Does the project include a bike path?

The Expo Line has been designed as a multi-modal transit parkway that includes a bikeway and bike facilities. The Phase 2 portion of the bikeway is mostly an exclusive bike path that travels along the right-of-way to 17th Street in Santa Monica, where it will connect to the City of Santa Monica’s existing bikeway system. The bikeway includes lighting and landscaping, and each station will feature secure bike racks and lockers for the convenience of transit patrons.

» Will Expo Phase 2 be landscaped?

The project will feature landscaping comprised primarily of native plants, with signature palm trees at the stations and ginkgo trees along the corridor tying into the Phase 1 project.

» Will the project include public art?

Each station will feature original works of art that will help create a unique identity for the station, and enhance the passenger experience. Artwork will be displayed above the gateways leading into the station platforms and over the seating areas. The terminus station in Santa Monica will also feature a signature sculpture.

» Are there job opportunities on Phase 2?

The Exposition Construction Authority and its design-build contractor Skanska-Rados Joint Venture (SRJV) are committed to providing opportunities for local residents and disadvantaged workers to enter into construction trade careers. The project has set a goal that local and community area residents work 30% of all construction craft hours on the project, including a 10% goal for disadvantaged workers.

For information regarding job opportunities through the Local Jobs Program, please contact:

Joe Hernandez
Skanska-Rados, Joint Venture
11390 West Olympic Boulevard, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 807-7079

» Are there contracting opportunities on Phase 2?

The Exposition Construction Authority and its design-build contractor are committed to providing contracting opportunities for small businesses. The project has set a goal of 20% utilization of small businesses and 7% utilization of local small businesses.

For information regarding contracting opportunities for Small Business Enterprises (SBE) for Phase 2 of the Expo Light Rail Project, please contact:

Olibra Bailey
SBE Coordinator
Harris & Associates
915 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1820
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 489-9833

» Who will operate and maintain the line?

Phase 1 of the Expo Line is operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) as part of the countywide rail network. Once Phase 2 is completed, the line will be turned over to Metro. Please visit Metro’s website for all operation related inquiries.
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